Innovation Grant Application

This is the online submission form for the Pullman Education Foundation's Innovation Grant Application.

If you wish to download and submit a physical copy, a PDF copy of the form can be found below.

Pullman Education Foundation Innovation Grant Application

Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

The Pullman Education Foundation (PEF) is committed to the enhancement and support of the Pullman School District. The intent of this grant program is to allow teachers, staff and administrators to critically analyze programming and opportunities where investment by the PEF can positively impact student achievement growth by implementing new programs, providing an opportunity for innovation or enhancement of existing programming, while identifying areas in which this innovation grant may help scale successful programming to a larger audience. The grant is available to individuals as well as teams of educators.

For additional reference and information about the process, applicants may reach out to a prior recipient, Amy Bumpus, at Lincoln Middle School. She can be reached at

One innovation grant will be awarded for each one-year cycle. The grant is expected to run a minimum of one academic year and will be an award up to $10,000.

Application Materials must include the following and not exceed three typed pages.

1. Prior to submission, applications must be approved by the Pullman School District to ensure the grant supports the District’s mission, vision, policy and procedures, federal and state regulations and compliance, and has the potential to be sustaining. This will also help identify any potential duplication in funding or planned programming through the District. A signature from the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent on the attached page will indicate approval by the District.

2. A typed cover letter indicating the following: 

  • The number and names of participating teachers, staff and/or administrators. Partnerships may extend across classrooms, buildings, business or universities. All partners must submit a letter of support and identify their participation with the applications. A narrative explanation of the project or programming to be piloted or implemented and the potential impact to improve and enhance student access to programs and projects in the Pullman School District.
  • The narrative must also include the timeline of the work and how the programming or project will be accessible to all students. In rare exceptions, grants may exceed the one year timeline.
  • A narrative explanation of the metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of program or projects and how that metric data will be shared with the PEF.

3. Budget for the project including line items for stipends, travel, materials, publications, and any other related expense.

4. In addition to the above, a completed signature page, including signatures from all participating team members is required. If the proposal includes adding technology (software or hardware) to a classroom or school, a signature from the IT Director is required to ensure sustainability.

Complete applications will be reviewed by members of the Pullman Education Foundation board. Applicants may be asked to submit additional or clarifying information upon review. Successful applicants will be notified by May 1, 2018 with the expectation that the grant period will run from August 2018-June 2019.

Successful applicants will be asked to present their work to the PEF board at the close of the grant term.

Thank you,

PEF Grant Committee

Please provide the first and last names of all applicants, separated by a comma. By signing this form, you and those whose names are filled in agree that the proposal being submitted by the applicant(s) above supports the District’s mission, vision, policy and procedures, federal and state compliance, and has the potential to be sustaining.
Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, Pullman Schools *
Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, Pullman Schools
Supervisor/Principal *
IT Director
IT Director
Required if your application involves the integration of technology.
Please provide the first and last names of all party members, separated by a comma.