The Pullman Education Foundation is committed to supporting the needs of teachers.  

The Pullman Education Foundation (PEF) Teacher Grant Program started in 1997 as a way to enhance classroom learning.  Each applicant may request up to $500 per year.  The grant money will be awarded by Winter Break and will need to be spent by the end of the academic year.

The grant proposal should be for items that will enrich/augment the Pullman School District and building curriculum goals.  The grant proposal should not include items that are normally supported by building budgets or other grants offered by the Pullman School District.  Applicants should check with the Assistant Superintendent regarding potential funding from the district prior to submitting an application requesting funds from PEF.  The number of grants awarded will depend on funding available.                                                                                                                    DEADLINE: December 4,  2018


The Pullman Education Foundation is committed to providing resources for our students.

The intent of this grant program is to allow teachers, staff and administrators to critically analyze programming and opportunities where investment by the PEF can make an impact by implementing new programs, providing an opportunity for innovation or enhancement of existing programming, and identifying areas in which this grant may help scale successful programming to a larger audience. These grants are available to individuals as well as teams of educators.

One grant will be awarded for each one-year cycle. Grants are expected to run one academic year and will be awarded up to $10,000.   

2019 Grant Recipient: PHS STEAM Project, Johanna Brown and Rob McPherson

2018 Grant Recipient:  Spartan Seed to Feed, Marla Haugen
2017 Grant RecipientChromebooks, LMS English classes, Amy Bumpus

DEADLINE: May 1, 2019


Each year the Pullman Education Foundation is approached by various organizations and individuals who have a vision to support education in the Pullman School District but need additional funding to provide that support.  PEF considers these requests and provides support as funding is available.

2019 Community Grant: Jefferson Outdoor Learning Lab

2018 Community Grant: Buddy Benches, Annalynn Randall
2017 Community Grant: Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement and Resilience