Community Grant Application

This is the online submission form for the Pullman Education Foundation's Community Grant Application.

If you wish to download and submit a physical copy, a PDF copy of the form can be found below.

Pullman Education Foundation Community Grant Application

Application Deadline: Community Service applications may be made at any time.  Applications will be considered during Pullman Education Foundation Board meeting on the second Tuesday of each month (except July and August).  You will be contacted if additional information or a presentation is required.

The grant proposal should be for items that will enrich/augment the Pullman School District and support the mission of the Pullman Education Foundation.

The number of grants awarded will depend on funding available.

The Foundation will choose the grants based on the following criteria:

  1.  Clarity of the project or item
  2.  The number of students impacted
  3.  How the project will integrate into the district
  4.  Whether the item has long-term use
  5.  Creativity of the project or item

Thank You,

PEF Grant Committee

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